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A classic American wedding | Victor & Kirsten |

Classic american wedding | Saint louis wedding photography

A classic American wedding with wedding rehearsal, speaches, tears, emotions, smiles, bridesmaids, groomsmen and happy children.

A story about Victor and Kirsten that I began writing in February this year and that I am glad to continue with the photographies that are to follow.

A new type of wedding story, slightly new to me as well, but that grew on me very quickly. It is about a wedding in Saint Louis, Missouri, with customs that I have seen only in movies until now and that got me curious every step of the way during the whole wedding planning and the actual event.

It all started with the wedding rehearsal day when each character of this story had to rehearse his or her role, each one with its own importance. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girl, the rings bearers, the parents, the relatives and friends, and brother Rick, they all prepared together the long awaited moment.

The wedding day, a beautiful and relaxing day, more relaxed than I imagined, started with the groom’s preparation, with Milo, Victor’s wonderful little boy who was so excited for his „tati”, Victor’s mom and of course his close friends who were also his groomsmen.

We went to the church after these emotional moments, where Kirsten was getting ready with her bridesmaids.

The church was already decorated with lilies, the bride’s favourite flowers, the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the bride’s bouquet were eagerly waiting for the wedding. Everything was ready for the moment when Taylor, the bride’s father, overwhelmed with tears and emotions, would give away his daughter’s hand to the one who would be her husband and, most of all , her friend forever and for always.

The ceremony, a truly special one, that I loved so much, ended with the applause of everyone present there and with Victor and Kirsten happier than ever.

The ceremony was followed by a short photo session close to the venue that was going to host emotional speaches, dancing and fun.