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Engagement | Victor & Kirsten | Love Story

Engagement session Victor & Kirsten - Elephant Rocks/ Missouri

When two people are floating above anything else, when two people are dreaming the same dream, when their love is so unique, only in that moment things will start happening in a special way, and therefore happenings will create dreams, and finally, those dreams will create stories of which characters will have to be brought to life.

During my stay in the US I found so many special places that simply got me say: “Hey, this is where I would like to have a Love Story session or Engagement session”.

In my today’s post, it is all about new experiences as well as wonderful places that I had the privilege to enjoy this winter.
One of these wonderful places is Elephant Rocks, near Saint Louis, a unique place, an amazing place, a perfect place for a very special story.
I had visited those places once before, so I can pretty much say that I knew where some of the perfect spots were, but even though time was pressing us, the freezing cold as well, everything turned out so perfect because it was all about love and beauty.

Victor and Kirsten are the characters of my today’s story that has just begun and to be continued with the next chapter on this New Year’s Eve, as planned by them.
I had the privilege to be by Victor’s side from the first moments he started planning the engagement proposal, so I just caught all of his emotions and impatience, but at the same time, the courage to take the next step towards the new life with Kirsten.

His plans were a little bit outrun by his love, passion and impatience, but also by the fact that a special engagement ring from Jared couldn’t be late to get on that special one’s finger, the only one who made time stand still and life get a new meaning.

Victor and Kirsten, may you love each other as much as you feel and way more than that!